A Look Around: Your Eating Landscape

Look back at your life. All the way back. Reflect on what it was like for you as an infant, as a child. Were you breastfed? What did you eat? What were your feelings around food? Try not to judge this information in any way, just observe what it was like. What was true then does not need to affect your current experience.

Take your time and move all the way up to the present moment. Write down your current state. How do you feel about food now? Notice any shifting that may have occurred.

If possible, go even deeper, into your ancestral lines. Look into what diet would have been like for your parents when you were conceived. Ask what they ate throughout their lives, and what grandparents ate.

If you know your ancestry, investigate what your people have been eating for generations. Be curious and reflect on how this may impact your food tastes and digestion today.

Seeing this whole picture allows you the opportunity to uncover the mystery of a food allergy or digestive sensitivity. Perhaps you can begin to understand why certain food cravings occur at certain events in your life.

Knowledge gives us the power to transform what was and what is into what we desire. Balance can be attained when we sit in our newly formed seat of knowledge and reflect on what will best serve us. This reflection process is when knowledge turns to wisdom.

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