Building Community With Food

Building a community of trusted allies and friends is an age-old way to experience Vitality. All around the world beings build community as a ritual practice. Making food together and for one another is a wonderful way to develop community. Making food with your family is a great way to spend time teaching children about the connection of food to building healthy bodies, minds and spirits. Planning a date night to cook together builds healthy communication and understanding of personality types and the best ways to work as a team beyond the kitchen.

Finding a person in your community/workplace/place of living that you can cook with and shares similar food values and needs will greatly alleviate the stress that can be associated with food preparation. Plan a weekly Meal Prep together by delegating and sharing tasks. I guarantee you’ll save time, learn a few kitchen tricks, and feel emotionally nourished as well as having a fridge full of ready-to-eat food!

Another option is to plan a weekly salad or soup swap with a community member. This option invites new flavours, styles and connection into your life.

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