Develop Your Sense of Intuitive Eating

The How of eating is mostly overlooked by diet fads. The What has been in the spotlight for a long time now, and although it is also an important part of the picture, we must consider the whole process to be fully vital. Starting every food experience with these practices will put you in a state of consistency and parasympathetic rest, improving digestion and enjoyment of food.

3 Deep Breaths

In and out slowly and mindfully. Drop into the space and come into the space where you are eating fully.

Gratitude Practice

Make this piece as valuable as possible in your time and space. It can be as simple as saying Thank You. Add on as needed, bringing in gratitude from the water, the land, the farmers, the whole supply chain, the cook, and beyond. Bring in something of someone you love or who needs love. Share your abundance with the world beyond your own.

Using All the Senses

Whether or not you have prepared and plated the food you are about to enjoy, taking time to See the colours, the shapes, the textures of your food is vitally important. Smell what is before you, you’ll find it becomes easier to trace spices, herbs and specific food parings. Your body will remember, and the Inner Voice will connect what your pallet craves with what your digestion loves. Only then, taste. Take a small amount of food into your mouth and close your eyes. Feel for the texture with your tongue. Chew lots and observe the transformation. Imagine the food being sent down to your belly and being received in a relaxed, able state.

Listening: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How to Eat

As you welcome these simple practices into your life, you will find that your Inner Voice becomes loud and clear. It will become more and more a part of you, as it is you. You will no longer need to consult it, as the decision will be instantly made, and you will know it is right. You will read about a Certain Something, or hear about a New Thing, and you will know instantly if it is important to include in your practice. This takes time, patience, energy, and focus. We are all busy today, yet it is still fully possible.

This Learning Process can be hard, or it can be fun – you decide. If it seems to hard, back off, go slower, and start again. It is not a race, it is only a journey. Trial things that feel right, if they don’t stick, that’s one way to know it wasn’t right for you. When you are ready to fully receive vitality, you will change. It won’t seem so hard. Seemingly magical coincidences will show up on your path to help you. It will feel fun, and also uncomfortable. You may slip in and out of New Patterns, this is progress, not failure. Failure comes when we lose our Inner Voice. Progress is learning to listen. Vitality is a becoming, a returning to the Voice.

You can get to where you want to be. Everyone can! It is a constant, daily choice, supported by healthy habits and a thoughtfully built community of support. What this all means is the reductive toolset of “The 5W’s and one H” we learned to combat every problem in school is only one way to problem solve, one way to communicate. Using the Inner Voice is another, profoundly strong way to develop your intuitive nature and experience Vitality.

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