Crafting A Healthy Detox & Herbal Allies

Inspiring and transformative reset tools, herbal medicine and detoxifying practices give new life to tired bones. When you take time to clear out, clean up and sort through emotions, physical pain, mental state all balance and vitality is experienced.

Steps for A Successful Detox

Set Intentions

Go deep here. Reflect, slow down, and take a mental/physical/emotional check-in, and use a daily reflection to check-in and see how those things change over the detox.

What is your deeper intention, the true reason for this detox experience? What would having more optimal vitality in your life provide you/create for you? Why do you want to be healthy?

Be mindful of who to tell about your Detox. People can react in unexpected ways that may influence your personal feelings and experience. Keeping it private is a form of respect for yourself.

Plan Your Time

Be detailed. Lay out all the things you’ll be doing including when to eat meals, how much sleep, how much water you’ll drink, and all the practices you’ll be introducing into your life including medicinal teas and tinctures, mental breaks, workouts, baths, oil rubs, the works! Do research into what will make you feel your best.

Make sure this plan considers the following important elimination practices: sweating (sauna, workout) and dry brushing the skin, time for bowel movements (no rushing!), breathing deeply, drinking water, and some meditation – yes, the mind needs cleansing too!

Create Food Lists: To Avoid and To Enjoy

Create a menu that works for your calendar and your detox, so you have a clear sense of what you’re going to eat every day. Specifically find which foods for you are temptations and replace them with snacks that fit in your Foods to Enjoy list.

Try to rephrase statements around foods you are letting go of into mindful reflections of foods you Do get to enjoy.

Herbal Allies

Fennel, Oregon Grape Root, Ginger Root, Garlic, Turmeric Root Dandelion Root, Burdock Root and Mint are all allies that I have used to help me in restoring balance to my digestive system. Roots are especially potent medicine for detoxification. There are many indicators for how herbs affect each person’s unique constitution, symptoms and needs. Herbal medicine can be incredibly simple and super specific. I recommend diving into the wisdom shared below as introducing a herbal medicine regime can greatly shift the effectiveness of your detox.

Sajah Popham is a knowledge keeper of our times for herbal medicine. He offers a Herbal Digestive Formula Mini Guide on his site.

If you can’t yet make medicinal tinctures yourself, I highly recommend the potent medicine Jessy and Harmony of Ravensong Seeds & Herbals craft. They grow, tend to, harvest and prepare the medicines they sell, and they are powerful!

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