Plan For Sustainability

Meal Guides

Offered on this site are a plethora of Meal Plans and Recipes for keeping the cooking load light and enjoyable. Each one features 5-6 recipes as well as a grocery list, meal prep guide, equipment recommendations and serving suggestions.

Use this as a tool as you develop your own repertoire of seasonal go-to foods that you love to craft and eat.

Sourcing Quality Foods

Om Foods – All Dried Goods

Gathering Place Trading – Spices

Real Raw Foods – Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits

Rancho Vignola – Nuts, Seeds & Dried Fruits

Harmonic Arts – Tea Blends, Mushroom Powders, Dried Herbs

Home Grown Living Foods – Sprouted Nuts, Granolas, Snack Blends

Local Food Sourcing

Island Farm Fresh – In Season Yearly Calendar

List of Saanich Farms

List of Island & Off-Island Farmer’s Markets with Dates and Times

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