What are Cravings?

Reaching for the Crunchy Thing. Day dreaming about the Sweet Thing.

Why is it happening? Do we truly need the food, or is it something else?

A craving is certainly a need for a shift, but this shift isn’t limited to food. The body may want to move, the mind might want to switch tasks, and yes, your Inner Voice could be asking for some more fuel for the digestive fire.

Taking the time to check-in when cravings come will allow you to get the exact message your body is giving you. A craving is often not related to food at all. Instead, it’s a desire to emotionally shift from one place to another. By reaching for the Food Thing, we fill that desire to some degree, but ignore the true desire. If we eat the cookie instead of going for a brisk walk, we will soon find ourselves in a craving-state again, this time with an inflammatory insulin reaction that makes us more irritable and less likely to understand our deep need.

Seek to understand the Root of this craving you experience. Wait for the answer instead of rushing to choose. And do whatever you do with love and intention.

Be grateful for the choice and you’ll give yourself the gift of love by enjoying the choice you make fully.

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