Where Is Your Voice?

Have you heard it? Whispering in your head or maybe shouting?!

Bombarded by seemingly unending media reports, studies, truths and untruths, our society is bulging at the waist with information. Carefully worded to be at best, educational and at worst, manipulative, this information is constantly competing for space with our Inner Voice.

The Inner Voice is also known as your Intuition. In order to share the Truths of your inner landscape, the inner voice sometimes uses feelings, sometimes shares words, and at other times goes so far as to exhibit physical responses in the body. It is presently communicating the Deep Truths that are right for you. It is always with you. It is you. But sometimes it gets lost in the noise.

Our work now, in this Age of Information, is to stay true to Who You Are by listening to this Inner Voice. The guidance is pure; it does not try to confuse or manipulate. It fills you up in the simplest, most ideal way to meet your individual needs.

So, next time you read a Certain Something, or hear about a Truth, take a few moments.

Stop what you are doing,

Take a Deep Breath,

Exhale Slowly, and Connect with your Inner Voice.

Feel how your body has responded to the information; tense or relaxed?

What is the Voice in your Head saying now?

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