Welcome, Everyone!

My name is Nicole.

I'm a gardening cook with a love of

local and flavourful foods.

Here you'll find Recipes, Meal Prep Guides

and Tools & Hints to Cooking

Tasty, tried-and-tested,  

Plant-Based, Vegan, Gluten-free, Seasonal Food.

These recipes are slow-cook, mindful,  and experience-based.

They will help you on your journey of food crafting. Enjoy!

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Thoughts for

Cooking Great Food

Each cooking experience is different, but there are certain steps I follow that make my food exceptionally tasty, healthy and divine.


Buy local and organic foods

Seasonal tastes best

Make almost everything from scratch

Vegetable broth, beans & beyond


Choose quality salt & spices

Sea salts and Himalayan pink salt

Spices from Gathering Place, Om Foods


Cook with all the senses

Touch, taste, sight and sound


Use recipes are a reference point

You are the Master Creator ~ it is up to you to sense what the dish needs ~ this is the cooking Experience. These recipes are but a tool to create a Masterpiece, without your creative flair and precious attention they may fall flat of expectation. Enjoy the Journey.

Oh, and please, Always Bless the Food!

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