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I can feel my whole body say yumm... and thank you

Nicole’s meals are a divine experience of nourishment. The combination of fresh local ingredients and the love and attention that goes into each dish is so welcome in a world of fast food, and imbalance. When I sit down to eat one of her meals I can feel my whole body say Yumm... and thank you.”

Melissa F.

So Scrumptious and yummy

I’ve never been one for vegan or vegetarian food, and was hesitant to try since healthy foods never really seemed to taste great.  That is, until I tasted Nicole’s meals.  They’re so scrumptious and yummy that I don’t even care to remember what they’re called! I just know that I won’t have to sacrifice taste to eat healthy and I can trust her with the menu variety and choices.  I so love her soups!  For sinful decadence, you must try her chocolate spirulina balls – so deelish!!!!  Save them to savour them slowly…mmm mmm delectable delights that are truly addictive!

Suzanna W.

Made my life so much easier

This service has made my life so much easier on those days when I'm not interested in preparing food, or just don't have the time. Highly recommended.

Treena N.

(Meal Service Customer)

Just Fabulous

I just did my 2nd class with Nicole, Indian Infusion. Again, it was just fabulous. Nicole was well prepared and engaged all of us in prepping and cooking the recipes all the while sharing her tips and tricks for vegan cooking and cooking skills in general. She answered all of our questions and we just had fun! I would absolutely recommend taking any of her classes.

Sherri B.

(Cooking Class Attendee)

A Break from having to cook every meal

I just enjoyed the most delicious lunch thanks to Nicole and her ‘Meals’ program.  I participate regularly in Nicole’s meal program because the food is very yummy and healthy.  I rest assured knowing that Nicole prepares the meals with care, using the best and freshest organic/locally sourced ingredients.  Whether you are vegan or not, or like to cook or not, I would not hesitate to recommend purchasing Nicole’s meals.  My husband is the cook in our family and the meals give him a break from having to cook every meal.  We ourselves are not vegan and enjoy how the meals introduce new menu ideas and yummy foods that we have not tried before.

Jodie G.

(Meal Service Customer)

Delicious Vegan

​I've had the pleasure of trying Nicole's cheesecake, cheese, beet chips & other assorts of delicious homemade vegan noms. Prior to knowing Nicole I was not vegan and tasting her meals with my spouse we made the choice to switch to a vegan lifestyle and have not looked back since! It's opened up our lives to a whole new food world!


(Meal Service Customer)


Nicole has a wonderful personality and is very passionate about plant based cooking. We enjoyed her private class and would highly recommend her.


(Private Cooking Class)

Fun & Inviting

I took Nicole's American Comfort Foods cooking class and was extremely happy! She was warm & friendly and her knowledge about plantbased cooking was amazing. She made the class fun and inviting and the food was amazing! Nicole is a natural teacher. The class flowed easily from one topic to the next and I loved how she threw in so many tips for cooking and plantbased living. I can't wait for my next class and I plan to sign up for more.

Sherri B.

(Cooking Class Attendee)

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